Asking and Answering:

How do I ask a question?
Just click on ‘Ask Question’ Button on the right sidebar and then type in your question title, relevant details for the question, select the category and fill in appropriate tags for the question.

How do I post a mathematical expression?

Refer to this short manual for a quick lesson.

How do I embed an image in the question/answer?

Just post the link to the image in your post and it will automatically show up as an image. You could also click on the ‘insert/edit image’ button in the editor and enter the url of the image and adjust the dimensions.

How to embed YouTube videos, Audio, Facebook Posts, etc. in my question/answer?

You can easily embed videos, audios and most other forms of media by place its URL into the content area. Make sure the URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked (clickable when viewing the post).

For example:

Check out this cool video:

That was a cool video.

Phys Whiz will automatically turn the URL into a YouTube embed and provide a live preview in the visual editor.
You can embed content/objects from sites like: facebook, imgur, instagram, youtube, vimeo, reddit, twitter etc.

How do I mark a question as Closed, Resolved, etc.?
Questions can be marked as Open(which is default) , closed or resolved by the asker.

How do I add a piece of computer code?

Can I use html to format my post?

Yes you can easily format your post using either the Visual or the Text editor. You can use HTML syntax in the Text editor.

How do I edit/delete my question/answer?

Once you have posted your question/answer you will see an ‘Edit’ link appear on it. Just click on it to edit your post.
You cannot delete your post. If you need to get it deleted you can request it here.

How to select the ‘Right Answer’?
The question asker can mark an answer as the ‘accepted’ answer by clicking on the checkmark on the left of the answer. Users can even vote an answer up or down.

How do I write a good answer?
Refer to this quick guide on writing great answers.

What are votes?
Votes help in determining the popularity of a question or answer. You can vote a question/answer either up or down.

My account:

How do I create an account?

Creating an account on Phys Whiz is pretty simple. Just go to the home page or the login page and you can either sign up using facebook or google by clicking on those buttons. Once you sign-in using any of these services your account will be created and you can use the same service to login again in the future.

If you don’t have a facebook or google account, then you can register here.

We recommend that you use facebook/google sign-in as that will prevent any hassles like forgetting your password or usernames. Also it will automatically import your avatar from these services.

How do I change my Avatar?

You can change your avatar and edit your profile by hovering/clicking on your image in the toolbar at the top of the website and going to Profile. You can change your profile pic, cover pic and even post updates on your activity(like other social networks.) You can even add other users as friends.

Who are the site Moderators and what is their role here?
To maintain the high standard of questions and answers, we have a team of Moderators, who make sure that the discussion stays relevant and will also help new users in framing their questions and answers.
You can have a look at the team here and even apply to become a moderator.

How do I reset my password?
If you registered using your facebook or google account then there is no need for a password and you can always login with your social media account. However, if you registered using the Registration form and created a password on registration, then you can reset it here.

How do I delete my account?
You can delete your profile by going to profile settings.

How do I score points?
Refer to this guide to learn the scoring system.