Points System

Phys Whiz has a scoring system that provides points for a lot of actions.

Points are awarded for the following actions:

Points for Registration:
Users earn 10 points for becoming a member.

Points for daily visits:
Users earn 1 point daily site visits.

Points for viewing content:
Users(except the content author) earn 2 points with a maximum of 10/day for viewing questions.

Points for logins:
Users earn 1 point for logging in.
Note: It can be earned only once in 24hrs.

Points for posting questions:
Users earn 10 points for posting a question with a maximum of 100 per day.

Points for posting answers:
Users earn 20 points for writing an answer with a maximum of 100/day.

Points for posting a comment:
Users earn 10 points for posting a comment.

Points for updating profile:
1 point for updating activity.
10 points for updating profile picture.
10 points for updating cover picture.