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mohammad sabet asked 7 months ago

hey guys
I have installed burai on ubuntu 20.04 after fixing long time problems. Now  after opening the burai, in the example folder i see no graphics of elements in cif as well as other folder, and double-clicking on the element names, also, shows nothing in the new appeared window. could anyone help me ti fix it???

Big Bang Boffin Staff replied 7 months ago

Unfortunately, I have also had this problem on Ubuntu and I don’t really know a fix to it.

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Big Bang Boffin Staff answered 7 months ago

Alternative 1
I once had the problem of blank window or no structure on Windows as well. But there I could fix it by updating my graphics driver. Maybe you could also try to update your graphics driver on Ubuntu.

Alternative 2
Go to the following file


Edit the java line including


For example

ava -Dprism.forceGPU=true -jar

These links from the official BURAI forum may also be of help to you