What is the scope of Theoretical Physics in India?

QuestionsCategory: Career in PhysicsWhat is the scope of Theoretical Physics in India?
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Ajinkya Ranade answered 5 years ago

Coming from my internet search, all career choices other than Engineering, medical and law are not good career options initially.
By the time you start your PhD, your friends are already earning money. They achieve stability by 24 while you have to wait till 28. But it is better in the long run (look at DU professors)
As far as India is concerned, theoretical physics isn’t exactly the largest field here. India has more focus on electronics, solid state and astrophysics.
If you are interested in theoretical physics, try abroad (read: Germany) 

Profile photo of Big Bang BoffinBig Bang Boffin Moderator replied 5 years ago

Thanks for your answer. So I guess I would try for abroad. But still I would like to know what could be some of the options for a theoretical physicist in India. Like what institutes would be good, and any other advice.